Testing – Lab Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis helps clients detect and assess nutritional deficiencies or heavy metal burden in their bodies and it helps me prepare healing plans based on the test results.

Hair Mineral Analysis is a most reliable method used in preventative medicine for the detection of toxic metals and the measurement of trace elements.

IgG Food Intolerance Testing

Detection of food-specific IgG antibodies is recognized as a reliable method to identify foods that may be causing symptoms and to guide the design of elimination diets based on the IgG antibody results. 

The Health Food Sensitivity test is a sensitive and accurate technique that can better detect the presence of IgG food-specific antibodies to over 200 commonly eaten foods. 

DHA Testing

DHA Testing enables clients, including breastfeeding mothers, to determine whether they are getting sufficient amounts of DHA in their diets. For breastfeeding mothers, this helps them identify if they are providing the recommended amount of DHA to their infants, which is approximately 0.32 − 0.35 % of milk fat for term infants. 

Ensuring you have enough daily DHA helps keep your body healthy and functioning well. Some of the benefits of having enough DHA in your diet and ensuring you are maintaining healthy levels include, but are not limited to, helps to reduce heart disease risk, may improve ADHD, fights inflammation in the body, helps with some eye conditions, may reduce the risk of some cancers, may help prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, lowers blood pressure and supports circulation and supports men’s reproductive health.